Grand Seiko SPRING DRIVE SBGA229 Replica Watch

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Grand Seiko SPRING DRIVE SBGA229 Replica Watch

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Grand Seiko introduces a new spring-driven movement in the 60th anniversary diving watch of SLGA001 I feel that Grand Seiko warmed up just when its 60th anniversary model was released last month, and the boy put it down gently. The anniversary continues, reference number SLGA001-a burly 600-meter titanium diving watch equipped with a breakthrough new five-day Spring Drive movement. Objectively speaking, it is better than its predecessor in every aspect.Grand Seiko replica Watches

Before we dive into the new diving watches, it is worth noting that the 60th anniversary in Japanese culture is considered to be a more important moment, especially in the field of timekeeping, of which the 60th anniversary is of course the two most of any watch. Key functions: seconds and minutes. But in a more esoteric sense, 60 is also the divisor of the adjustment speed of almost all mechanical watches: 36,000 bph (60 x 600), 28,800 (60 x 480) and 21,600 bph (60 x 350). It is worth repeating that since most of the 60th Anniversary Edition we have seen so far are limited in some capacity, this is by no means the last Grand Seiko to offer its fans in 2020.

If this reference looks familiar – it should. It is very similar to the backbone of the Grand Seiko sports series: reference number SBGH255, which has long been powered by the Hi-Beat automatic movement. I say "similar" because of the new Spring Drive movement 9RA5, the ratio is somewhat Increased, so the height of this new diver is 16mm thinner, but it is still 46.9mm (Come on, let's call it what it is): This is a 47mm diver) titanium case. It remains to be seen whether the new ratio is achieved by simply using less-used sapphire crystals or using a slim bottom cover-but from the side of the Zaratsu polished case, the sharp bevel and thick, engraved lug design Look, these two possibilities are extremely high using the same physical mens watches

Having said that, the real story here is the movement – ​​the huge factor that made Grand Seiko such a compelling brand is its proprietary movement technology – especially their innovation in Spring Drive, which can be said to be one of the money The most complex mass-production mechanical movement available. If you are a newbie in Grand Seiko, Spring Drive essentially adopts the traditional winding rotor design, but the accuracy of the quartz module manufactured inside can be adjusted in this case. The three-day power reserve and super smooth second hand are always the hallmarks of Spring Drive, but as long as you are ready for a deeper dive, don't miss David's detailed explanation of the technology.

This new 9RA5 movement improves the forefront of the 9R6 series Spring Drive movement in almost every meaningful way: thanks to the thermal compensation adjustment of the temperature, it now becomes more accurate (+/- 10 seconds per month , Improved from 15 seconds per month to now).replica Hublot watches. Quartz oscillator-an innovative technology derived from the Grand Seiko 9F series quartz movement, but this is the first of Spring Drive. It also has a longer power reserve-increased from three days to five days (120 hours), because the movement uses a new one-piece central bridge, it has stronger shock resistance, and the date change speed at midnight increases very quickly . However, Seiko engineers also repositioned the crown and winding handle, while repositioning the movement's "Magic Lever" movement, but without affecting the winding efficiency, thus making the whole movement thinner.

Considering all these improvements, the debut platform with a thinner and more powerful new movement is not a slim new sports watch with integrated bracelet (still waiting for Seiko's Nautilus-killer watch), and It is a thick titanium diving watch. Even if there is no new case design, I personally hope to see a limited edition update to wear the 44mm SBGA231-Seiko's classic titanium diver, which should have been updated a long time ago, but it is also an understandable flagship Among the models, the brand retains the priority of its latest technology. I have always been a loyal supporter of Grand Seiko diving watch design-their interesting cathedral-style mobile phones, oversized application time scales, and super thick serrated bezels-everything in the watch display echoes boldly "Features". Ultimately, as I mentioned above, in general, this is more or less a "when" situation, rather than an "if", Grand Seiko put this new 9RA5 movement into the spring The rest of Drive's product line.Richard Mille RM 11-03 Titanium
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